Strachur Community Council

INTERIM REPORT 11.3.20 - 29.10.20

1. Matters arising from the meeting of 11.3.20.

a. Variable Message Sign at A815/A886 junction.
A new VMS was installed at the A815/A886 junction in August and has provided valuable information following subsequent landslide incidents at the Rest-and-Be-Thankful. Our suggestion that, when no other messaging was required, the VMS could be used to remind drivers of the 40 mph speed limit was not taken forward because the sign is Scottish Government funded and will be used for only Scottish Government messaging.

b. Scottish Water issues.
Pipe upgrade work has been completed at Forest View apart from three houses, which, as an emergency, have been reconnected to the old supply; the whole of Forest View has still to be resurfaced. Pipe upgrade work is still ongoing at High Hall.

c. Road sign at Strachur Medical Practice.
Our request for 'Doctors' Surgery' signs to be installed on the A815 near Strachur Medical Practice was pursued by Cllr Reid who was informed by ABC Roads & Infrastructure:

"…there is no recorded instances of speeding at this location.

 We would advise that the Surgery asks the public who are visiting/dropping off their premises not to park in a serviced and active bus stop. There is parking available at the other side of the Creggans with access to the surgery off the main road, behind the hotel.

 We have also checked the instances of traffic accidents at this location and there have be none in 5 years, therefore the council will not be considering additional measures at this area as it does not meet the criteria."

d. Go Wheelie Slow stickers.
I gave unused stickers to A886 residents.


e. Emergency Plan.
I revised the Emergency Plan in March.


f. Recruitment of part-time fire-fighters.
I produced an article on recruitment for the April Newsletter.


g. Pot holes in the road through the clachan from the A815.
Cllr Reid was informed by Roads & Infrastructure on 8th April that repairs had been completed.


2. Secretary’s Report.

Newsletter articles.
Since the March meeting 17 articles have been submitted to the Newsletter. These were on: Loch Eck LMP Consultation; Tesco Bags of Help Fund; Third Sector Resilience Fund; Police Scotland Survey; SSEN Resilient Communities Fund Grant; Supporting Communities Fund; Support for Young Carers; Thanks to Isolation Support Group; Local Housing Strategy Survey; Electoral Register; Community Capacity Grants; Pre-application Planning Consultation; Payphone Consultation; Unpaid Carers Survey; Consultation on a New Route into Argyll; Argyll Rally 2021; Remembrance Sunday.


In addition to any mentioned elsewhere, there has been correspondence with:
a. Forestry & Land Scotland regarding tree felling in Strathlachlan.

b. Scottish Fire & Rescue Service regarding recruitment issues affecting the Strachur Voluntary Service.

c. Scottish Water regarding mains leaks at High Hall.

d. Fleur Telecom regarding Strachur Telephone Exchange Problems experienced in Strathlachlan.

e. Police Scotland regarding occupation of holiday accommodation during the full lockdown in May.

f. Argyll & Bute Council regarding bottle bins at Strachur Recycling Point.

g. A St. Catherines resident regarding antisocial behaviour at the St. Catherines jetty.

h. A Strachur resident regarding the Inveraray-Crossaig transmission line currently under construction.

i. Argyll & Bute Council regarding Community Council meetings. [I was informed in September by Melissa Stewart that "…the majority of Community Councils in Argyll and Bute are not currently meeting on any basis at all while the restrictions on public gatherings are in place."]

j. A Strachur resident and Cllr Reid regarding the termination of the late afternoon West Coast Motors bus service to Leanach. [This has subsequently been reinstated.]


Surveys and consultations.

I have submitted responses to the following:

Loch Eck Land Management Plan.

Strath nan Lub Land Management Plan.

Local Housing Strategy.

BT threat to remove Strachur and Strathlachlan payphones.

Amenity Services.

National Park Engagement.

HM Fire Service Inspectorate Community Council Questionnaire.

Transport Scotland: Access to Argyll & Bute (A83).

Castle Lachlan New Woodland Creation.

Argyll Rally 2021.


Other activities.

a. In April I submitted an application for a SSEN Resilient Communities Fund grant to enable Strachur Medical Practice to buy Personal Protective Equipment. A grant of £1,550 was awarded.

b. On 28th October I attended a Zoom meeting on the Argyll Rally 2021.


3. Other business.

a. Community Council By-election.
Drew Stewart will join the Community Council as an elected member on 5th November.
Another Strachur resident has expressed an interest in joining the Community Council as a co- opted member in the first instance.

b. Creag Dhubh Wind Farm update.
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in April, which "demonstrates the commitment of Creag Dhubh Renewables LLP to enter into a community benefit funding arrangement with the communities located in the Strachur Community Council administrative area".
The progress of the Creag Dhubh application through the planning procedure has been delayed due to a request from NatureScot for supplementary information.

c. Manse Gardens update.
In a letter dated 23rd March 2020 the Trust Housing Association stated that "consideration of Manse Gardens" by their Board had been postponed to a later (unpredictable) date.

d. Housing development in front of Post Office.
This application was approved by the ABC Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee on 21st October.

e. Remembrance Sunday.
We decided there should be a short modified service this year with no congregation apart from the wreath-layers. It is hoped that a video of the service will be posted on the Community Facebook page.


Iain Wilkie

Secretary, Strachur Community Council