Draft, to be agreed at the AGM 11th April 2018

Strachur District Community Council
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held at 19:30 on Wednesday 12th April 2017, Strachur Memorial Hall


1. Members present: Archie Reid (Convener), John Fleming (Vice Convener), Isabel McGladdery (Treasurer), Ceci Alderton, Kirstie Reid, Iain Wilkie and Les Earle (Secretary).


Also in attendance: Cllr Alex McNaughton, Heather Grier from the PPG and two members of the public.


2. Apologies: None.


3. Declarations of interest: None.


4. Minutes: Minutes for the Annual General Meeting held on 13th April 2016 agreed as accurate.


5. Matters arising: There were no matters arising.


6. Secretary’s report:

In the last year in the role of secretary Les has been active in five areas: correspondence, articles, facebook, consultations and outside groups. And as regular attendees will have heard it all before, in detail, I will be as brief as possible.


School crossing (far from over), Fyne Homes, Montgomery Place signage, BT Openreach, Boundary Commission.

Articles in the newsletter

Boundary Commission, Sailing safety, Boundaries (2), Broadband, Community Partnership, job advert, CC by-election, Burgh Hall Players, Phone box, EU Funding, Citizens Panel, Lighting and road faults, Remembrance Day, Drones, A+B Grants, Facebook, Postal Votes, Young Scots Reward Scheme, B8000 phone lines, Notice Community Council meetings.

Consultations notified in the newsletter

Libraries, Police surveys (2), Parking management, Bus routes, Advertising and Signage, Planning, Fracking, Local Development Plan 2, Parliamentary boundaries, Lephinmore West, East and Strathlachlan Forest.

Facebook – Strachur District Community

All of the above and more

Outside Groups/Activities

Memorial Hall Users’ Group, Community Benefit Fund, Local election hustings

Les thanked everyone for their help and support – particularly with his pronunciation.


7. Convener’s report:

Archie thanked Les for his efforts over the past five years, and all Community Councillors for their hard work over the last year and Cllr McNaughton for the continued support he gives to the CC: over ten years he missed only one meeting!

Isabel was thanked for her work as Treasurer – never an easy job. Ian Asher was also thanked for his audit of the accounts.

Heather Grier and the Patient Participation Group were commended for the outstanding work they had put in over the years to secure the correct funding for the Strachur Surgery.

Archie outlined work he had done on outside bodies like the Transport Forum, CC Caucus and Community Partnership and thanked Les and Iain for their input to A+B and other bodies.


8. Treasurer’s report:

The annual accounts were presented to the meeting and accepted.

The bank balance as at 31/3/17 was £2,310.95 with the excess of expenditure over income for the year of £102.28.

Isabel gave her thanks to Ian Asher who audited the accounts.


9. Election of Community Councillors to posts on the Council:

The following were installed - Archie Reid (Convener), John Fleming (Vice Convener), Isabel McGladdery (Treasurer). Les Earle had previously announced that he would stand down as Secretary and Iain Wilkie was nominated and installed in that post.


10. The following programme of ordinary meetings was proposed and accepted:

21th June 2017, Strachurmore Pavilion

16th August 2017, Strathlachlan Community Centre

18th October 2017, Strathlachlan Community Centre

13th December 2017, Strathlachlan Community Centre

17th January 2018, Strachur Memorial Hall

14th March 2018, Strachur Memorial Hall

11th April 2018, AGM, Strachur Memorial Hall

(Reference to the Strachur Memorial Hall includes the New Hall.)


11. Archie declared the meeting closed at 19:55. There followed an Ordinary Meeting of the CC.

Minutes by Les Earle