Strachur Community Council

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting

Held 19:30 on Wednesday 27th April 2022

Strachur Memorial Hall



Members present: Archie Reid (Convener), Isabel McGladdery, Drew Stewart (Vice-Convener), Iain Wilkie (Secretary) and Kirstie Reid.


Also in attendance: Bill Dickson (Strachur & District Community Development Company), Bob Darracott (representative for Ward 1 on the Board of the National Park) and four members of the public.

1. Convener’s opening remarks:

Archie welcomed everyone to the Ordinary Meeting.


2. Apologies and declarations of interest:

Cllr Alan Reid apologised for non-attendance. There were no declarations of interest.


3. Minutes.

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting held on 16th March 2022 were agreed as accurate.


4. Matters arising.

a. Grass spreading over A815 pavement: stretch from back of Clachan Beag houses to Creggans.

Grass had been removed from Creggans to Strachur House entrance, but not from pavement south of Strachur House entrance or north of Creggans. Cllr Reid had reported (by e- mail) that Roads had informed him: “These locations have been noted, we will continue with this work over the course of spring/summer.”


b. Blocked drains: parking area in front of ‘Ashbank’ etc., Creggans.

Iain had been informed by Argyll & Bute Customer Service on 30th March that “Our inspector has programmed a repair to be carried out with a target completion date of 29/04/22.” Iain reported that this had not been completed on 27.4.22.


c. Blocked drains: A886 from building site to start of raised pavement.

Iain had been informed by Argyll & Bute Customer Service that the work had been completed on 29th March. However, Roads had told Cllr Reid that “These works are not likely to start before early May.”


d. Strachur speed limits: contact Jenni Minto MSP.

Iain had e-mailed Ms Minto on 28th March. Her PA replied on 30th March to inform us that Ms Minto would visit Strachur on 13th May and that she had raised our concerns with Argyll & Bute Council and asked them to review the speed limits in Strachur. Ms Minto had subsequently received the following response from Argyll & Bute Council:

“Thank you for your email highlighting constituents concerns regarding the speed limits on the sections of the A886 and A815 that pass through Strachur.

We are aware of ongoing concern in the area however before any changes can be considered a speed/volume survey will require to be carried out to determine the actual speed and volume of traffic. The survey was programmed for the 4th quarter of financial year 2021/22 however due to urgent commitment in another area the equipment was not available.


This survey will be carried out in the near future. To ensure a true representation of traffic speed and volume is obtained we are unable to provide details of date and exact location etc


Once the survey has been carried out it is proposed to introduce a Speed Indicator Device (SID) within the 40mph speed restriction section of A886. The SID will advise motorists of their speed and displays a smiley face if speed is below posted speed limit and an angry face when over the limit.


This sign will be there on a temporary basis of 3 months.


This equipment also records speed/volume and timings of vehicles passing the unit.”


e. Collective Leadership Model: CC response.

Iain had submitted a response on 31st March. This reflected only the CC’s views, since no feedback had been received from the community or the School Parent Partnership Group.


f. Recycling site issues: replacement of ‘No Illegal Dumping’ sign and relocation of dog-poo bin.

Iain submitted an online report to Argyll & Bute Council asking for the sign to be replaced. He has also contacted Bill Dickson to find out what the Development Company would feel about dog-poo bins being installed at entrances to Heron Park. A response is awaited.


g. Faded white-lining on A815 near Filling Station.

Iain submitted an online report to Argyll & Bute Council.


h. Footway on south-west side of A815 between Bridgend, Glenbranter and crossing point for bus-stop on north-east side: most of footway is obscured or obstructed by vegetation.

Iain submitted an online report to Argyll & Bute Council.


i. Friendship bench at Medical Practice.

Kirstie reported that the bench would be stored in Dunoon Police Station until Argyll & Bute Council staff were available to instal it.


j. Contact Memorial Hall users regarding Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

See item 12c Below.


5. Police Report (received from PS Elaine Heffron by e-mail).

There were 16 calls relating to the Strachur Community Council area between the dates of 17/3/22 and 12/4/22. The following were incidents of note: neighbour disputes (2), suspect persons (1), domestic (1), road traffic (1) and assist the public (1).


Three crime reports were generated, which related to culpable and reckless conduct, abusive behaviour, and assault.


Current initiatives: Youth Engagement, Counter Terrorism Awareness, Your Dog Your Responsibility, and Fraud Prevention.


6. Health Report.

a. Crossroads Caring for Carers.

Kirstie reported that the carers’ centre at 61-63 Argyll Street Dunoon was officially re-opened on Thursday 21st April after a two-year closure due to COVID-19. Anyone looking for support or advice should call Christine on 01369707700 or e-mail The carers’ drop-in session had restarted on Wednesdays at 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Crossroads Young Carers in now also operating from the centre.


b. Attendance at A&E.

NHS Highland are experiencing high numbers attending A&E and are asking patients to go to A&E only in an emergency or life-threatening situation and to seek help from other medical professionals where appropriate, i.e. pharmacists, dentists, opticians or their local GP.


7. Secretary’s Report.

Articles for Newsletter and Facebook.

Since the last meeting four articles had been submitted.



The main correspondence was with:

a. Argyll & Bute Council regarding:

i/ Blocked drain at ‘Ashbank’ (online report submitted).

ii/ Overgrown footway, A815 at Glenbranter (online report submitted).

iii/ Replacement of ‘No Illegal Dumping’ sign at recycling site (online report submitted).

iv/ Faded white-lining, A815 near Filling Station (online report submitted).


b. Strachur & District Local History Society re site of Lephindrissach school near Lephinchapel.


c. Development Company re signage and dog-poo bin at Recycling Site.


d. A resident re Big Lottery Community Fund application.


Surveys and consultations.

Responses were submitted to the following consultations:

a. Collective Leadership Model


b. Scottish Woodlands Forest Management.


c. Review of Local Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.


Other activities.

a. Attended Argyll Rally 2022 Zoom meeting on 28.3.22.


8. Treasurer’s report.

The bank balance stood at £2,503.27.


9. Transport update.

a. Bus timetables.

Archie outlined issues that he will bring up at the next meeting of the Cowal Transport Forum.

ACTION: Archie


10. National Park Update.

Bob Darracott informed us that there were no major new planning issues of local relevance.


Other issues related to planning applications/consultations:

a. The Loch Long Salmon Ltd. application for a fish farm close to Ardgartan would be submitted in May.


b. An application was still awaited for the development of the former torpedo testing site on Loch Long. This would likely include holiday homes, restaurants etc., although the erection of ‘Building Plots for Sale’ signage was worrying.


Bob had spoken to Forestry & Land Scotland (FLS) about better enforcement at Loch Eck. FLS intended to open up additional sites for motorhome use, but this would need to be accompanied by better management.


The National Park will be launching a consultation on camping sites, which will provide an opportunity for CCs and the public to comment on byelaws and their possible extension.


Bob mentioned that other Community Councils he attended were using the hybrid format for their meetings, i.e. a physical meeting combined with online attendance via ‘Zoom’.


11. Review of Local Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

A response had been submitted on 22nd April (the last day of the consultation).


12. AOB.

a. Joint Efforts.

Laura Walker outlined her proposed Big Lottery Community Fund application - ‘Joint Efforts’. This will enable young people (aged 11-18) to gain experience in catering and community engagement, and will include Food Hygiene REHIS accreditation and participation in the Saltire Awards scheme. The proposal generated much positive comment from members of the public and was unanimously supported by the attending Community Councillors.


b. Co-option of Laura Walker.

As the ‘Joint Efforts’ application would have to be made on behalf of Strachur Community Council, Iain proposed that Laura should be co-opted onto the Community Council. This was seconded by Kirstie.


c. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

There had been considerable progress on the planning of events, which was summarised by Archie, Kirstie and Fiona Campbell. It was agreed that what had been definitely organised so far should be publicised via Facebook as soon as possible. Fiona offered to draft an announcement.


d. Vandalism inflicted on A815 roadside vegetation.

It was agreed that the CC should make an official complaint to Argyll & Bute Council regarding the unsightly clearance of vegetation and damage to trees bordering the A815 north of St. Catherines.



e. Cllr Alan Reid.

The meeting was reminded that Cllr Reid was not standing for re-election in Cowal. Community Council members expressed their gratitude to Cllr Reid for his conscientious attendance at CC meetings and diligent dealing with CC issues over the past five years.


13. Date and location of next meeting.

The next meeting would be at 19:30, Wednesday 15th June 2022 in Strachur Memorial Hall.



Iain Wilkie

Secretary, Strachur Community Council