1. Attendees:

Executive: Patrick Gibb, Sheena Dowse, Alison Roy

Group Representatives: Fiona Campbell, Jackie Scott-Mandeville, Colin Stevenson, Cathie Montgomery, Kate Paton, Ian Asher

Apologies: Iain Wilkie, Archie Reid, Susan Gaffney, Evie Campbell, Douglas McHugh, Loraine Stewart,

Rita MacKellar, Drew Stewart, Douglas Currie, Bill Dickson


2. Chair’s Welcome: Patrick welcomed and thanked everyone for attending.


3. Minutes of Meeting April 30th 2019: The minutes were approved with no amendments.


4. Items Carried Forward:

a) Safeguarding Policy: A revised Safeguarding Policy was circulated with amendments to recognise any group that is not required to join the PVG scheme with Disclosure Scotland. It was unanimously accepted with no amendments requested. The Hub is regarded as “an Incidental group” and as such it is not necessary for it to join the scheme at the present time. Kate Paton will attend a course with Volunteer Scotland for training as a counter signatory for PVG applications if this becomes necessary for the Hub at a later date. Kate will also investigate what the regulations are for Safeguarding of children and vulnerable/protected adults in case there are other groups using the halls that would need to have their own safeguarding policies and possibly also be required to join the scheme.

A number of members of the committee attended a safeguarding course with Youth Scotland. Training needs to be updated regularly.

b) Storage: The committee reiterated that there will be no hall funding for the area with the old container to be cleared so that Youth Club can erect a new shed and remove all its scenery etc. from the hall and hall shed.
One member suggested that some financial help could be proffered as Youth and Drama is an essential club to the village. But the overall feeling was that it would not be a good use of hall funds.
(Additional note: the wall is being pushed over by adjacent trees so the hall will need to do some work eventually).

It was suggested that the shed housing the now defunct biomass boiler could be cleared and used for storage. There was no agreement on this. It was pointed out that the plumbing and wiring into that shed would be valuable for a future biomass boiler.

c) Memory Garden: This is now looking really good. There is a subcommittee who will look after the garden. The plants etc. have all been donated. We need to keep the area reasonably open to allow for wheelchair access.

d) War Memorial Plaque: No information available on this.

e) Multicourt: The goals are now installed and are apparently not a hindrance to tennis players.

f) Oil Tank Replacement: No further news on this.

g) Hall Repairs: Alec Tickell has done some minor repairs to broken tiles and the porch.
The Hub have mended the curtain rail.
The kitchen drawer has been repaired by Robbie Bulloch.

h) Village Twinning with Sournia: The report from Iain Wilkie is that there has been communication between the Primary Schools but there is no other news.

i) Community Bus: This has now been insured and is ready for use. The overheads are unknown at present so it is proposed to hire it out on the same basis as the Lochgoilhead bus. The charge on a daily basis will be £60 for the first 50 miles than £1 per mile thereafter. Drivers must be over 30 with a D1 classification on their driving licence.

The administrator for the bus is Drew Stewart. Until the garage is built the bus will be kept at Manse Gardens.


5: New Items:

a) Flower Show: The tables that are used for the Flower Show will need to be easily accessible for the show. At present the scenery blocks are obstructing their removal.

b) CCTV: There was a request for the CCTV to be reinstalled but there are problems as the passwords left by Clare do not work. Also the equipment is presently kept in the History Office and may need to be moved. Additionally, we would have to register with the Information Commission at a cost of £30.


6: Standing Items:

a) Bookings: All going well but remember to book for next year to avoid disappointment.

b) Events/Fundraising: Sheena proposed 2 events each year. Strachur Primary School is proposing a combined summer gala day with The Memorial Hall Users and Strachur Youth and Drama is proposing an improved “Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration” also with the Memorial Hall Users- the proceeds of both would be split equally between the hall and the other organising group. The division of profit was based on the premise that the organisers would need to commit to many hours of organisation for such a big event.

These suggestions were discussed and some questions identified although there was comment that we should hold more community events.

It was stated by some that if there was a fundraising event which involved all the hall users then the hall should be the only beneficiary. Also it was noted that all the groups need to fundraise for themselves so basically were not particularly interested in a joint effort.

Patrick queried whether the hall actually needed to fundraise at this moment in time as Douglas was not present at the meeting. The hall finances naturally benefit from any booking that may be made.

There was a lot of discussion about the proposals but not a lot of enthusiasm for either venture so there was no conclusion as to what should happen.

c) Fabric, Heating and Electrical: No other information.

d) Finance: Douglas is working on the hall accounts which have to be submitted to OSCR after the AGM.

Drew submitted a copy of the 2018/2019 Annual Accounts Summary for the Strachur Newsletter which showed that there had been a small operating surplus over this period. His thanks go to the contributors, advertisers and supporters together with the Filling Station, Clachan Bar and the Bay Cottage for their distribution assistance.



a) Survey from the Community Partnership: This has now been submitted after input by the committee.

b) Resignations: Patrick, Sheena and Alison all indicated that they will resign their positions with the Committee at the AGM in October. Patrick will submit an article to the Newsletter to this effect.


8) Next Meeting: AGM: Tuesday October 29th at 7.45 p.m. in the Memorial Hall.