1. Attendees:

Executive: Patrick Gibb, Douglas McHugh, Evie Campbell, Alison Roy

Group Representatives: Ian Asher, Fiona Campbell, Iain Wilkie, Jackie Scott-Mandeville,

Apologies: Drew Stewart, Cathie Montgomery, Bill Dickson, Loraine Stewart, Rita MacKellar, Anne Fiddes, Douglas Currie, Sheena Dowse, Susan Gaffney


2. Chair’s Welcome: Patrick thanked everyone for attending.


3. Minutes of Meeting January 29th 2019

Susan Gaffney (who was not at the last meeting) made the following points:


Strachur and District local History Society to Strachur Village hall quarterly committee


In response to minutes of hall meeting of January 29th 2019


Item 3: “the history society wants to be able to access its room at any time” etc. The history society offered to rent the former Registrar’s office with the assumption that access would be on the same terms as had existed during their occupation of the room above the dark room. In discussions between Patrick and Susan it was agreed that the society would not use the room when elections and weddings were taking place. The letter of acceptance from the committee made a proviso that access would be limited by “a function in the hall, conflict with another user, elections, etc.” The society had no thought of the implications of this statement; we have never had or been aware of conflict with hall user groups. On reflection, it seems that the intention behind this phrase was understood to the executive group but not expressed explicitly to the history society.


We can forward our letter of offer and the reply to anyone interested to read them.


Item 4, subheadiing 1: The idea not to use the room for five weeks came from the history society with the thought that it would give time for the proposed new lock arrangements to be put in place. Agreed. It was the history society’s idea.


Subheadings 2, 3 should not be grouped under the item titled in bold, “the history room.” The inference is that safe guarding applies only to the history society.

These points are recorded in the order that they were discussed at the meeting. Safeguarding does apply to everyone.


Subheading 3 identifies a fundamental problem with the controlling committee referred to as the trustees in that two members of that committee are also managers of user groups in dispute with another user group.

Everyone is the committee not just the Executive. The Executive is not the controlling committee and have not met to discuss this issue. The trustees are the elected office bearers, as required by OSCR.


Subheading 4: Patrick telephoned Susan to inform her of his intention to put the notice on the history room door. Susan informed him that the history society was not meeting until January so would be unable to give any response until then. There was no suggestion that the history society would come back with a proposal.

Patrick discussed the issue with Susan on the phone on 21st November and again on 17th December. Patrick thought that Susan was going to come back with a proposal after the 21st Nov discussion, but he did not confirm that in writing. It appears that we had different recollections of that discussion. By 17th Dec the door sign was the only solution that Patrick could see to this problem as Youth Club needed resolution in order to carry on with running the club as it had done so prior to History Society’s occupation of the old Registrar’s Room. At the January quarterly meeting it was pointed out that the notice should be for all and not just for the History Society and it was agreed that the sign should be put on the front door. This was subsequently done.


Following on from these criticisms, Patrick continued with further comment leading from a remark that “The Committee was doing a terrible job”. This prompted him to respond that all the group representatives were the management committee not just the Executive and therefore if the Committee was failing in any way then they -the representatives- must share any blame. The Executive was all re-elected at the last AGM as no one else was willing to stand for election.

One member stated that they would like a higher representative to whom they could take complaints. This person had contacted OSCR with what they saw was a problem and had been informed that the Hall Committee/trustees were the ones to discuss with and resolve any disputes.


Patrick pointed out that there will be an opportunity to elect new office bearers at the AGM, and they will become the new trustees.


4. Items Carried Forward

a) The History Society Room – see above and also the hall lock problem.

The idea not to use the room for five weeks came from the history society with the thought that it would give time for the proposed new lock arrangements to be put in place.

It was stated at the last meeting that a lock on the inner hall door could not be fitted as advice from Colin McColl (Community Fire Officer) indicated that this was a fire hazard. It was mentioned –also in the last meeting that it might be possible to have a thumb lock on the front door. This was subsequently confirmed and the lock was installed. This new lock is a contentious issue with strong views for and against. It is proposed that the decisions that have been made re all the issues with Youth and Drama Club and other hall users will stand for the next six months when the decision can be revisited.

b) Safeguarding Policy: A revised safeguarding policy was circulated with the addition of a nominated Child and Vulnerable Adult Representative to whom any safeguarding issues may be reported. This was advised and confirmed by the Third Sector Representative (Volunteer Scotland) as previously discussed at the last meeting.

c) Storage: Strachur Youth and Drama Club would like the old container in the hall grounds to be removed to make space for a new Youth and Drama Shed. A quote for the removal has been received. The committee informed the club that no help was forthcoming and it would need to finance the project.

d) Memory Garden: This has now been renamed “The Memorial Garden”. Evie had applied for funding from Argyll and Bute Council but this was not successful. However an anonymous donor has generously agreed to fund this renovation. Ian Ferguson is the contractor and is making good progress.

e) War Memorial Plaque: The Community Council hope to site this new plaque on the gable end of the New Hall next to the Memorial Garden. It will need protection and Ian MacIndoe is to be approached by the Community Council to make a canopy.

f) Multicourt: There is a new plan to reinforce the fencing at both ends of the multicourt and erect upright posts and crossbars on the fencing itself. The remaining grant money will be used.


5: New Items


a) Cleaning: There have been criticisms of Mhairi’s cleaning which she has found hurtful. The hall users are to be reminded that they must clean up after themselves as Mhairi only has a limited time for cleaning- eight hours over the week. It is not her responsibility to ensure that all the hall crockery etc. is clean before an event- that is the responsibility of the hirer/caterer.

b) Kitchen Repairs: Thanks to Robbie Bulloch for repairing the kitchen unit.

c) Oil Tank Replacement: It is proposed to replace the oil tank during the summer with a new 1300L double-skinned one. The tank is fitted with a new sensor and is refilled on that basis. The cost will be about £1000. Douglas is to seek more quotes.

d) Hall Repairs: There is some repair needed to the roof- tiles have slipped etc. and the gutters need cleaning. Alec Tickell is to be contacted.


6: Standing Items

a) Bookings: All going well. We have lost a few clubs and bookings down a little January-April.

b) Events/Fundraising: Nothing as yet.

c) Fabric, Heating and Electrical: The pressure in the central heating system is still dropping. The boiler was serviced by Shaw’s and a leaking joint fixed. Alaisdair Mirrlees has been asked to PAT test all the necessary electrical equipment.

d) Finance: There is just under £7,000 in the bank. £811.56 (which includes the rest of the grant award) is in the fabric fund. For eight months the hall has been in profit and for four months has run at a loss. The hall insurance has now been paid. We are coming to the end of the financial year for the accounts.

It is not clear if the Orange Lodge is still using the hall.

Drew reported from the Newsletter that there are no current issues and thanked contributors for their support. The next deadline for articles to be submitted is 22nd May for the June edition.

Douglas reported that advertising revenue was up to date but the newsletter still ran at a loss.-Outgoings £2,500 and income £1,900. It was agreed that it was a professional, informative and much liked newsletter.

e) Grants: No new grants have been applied for.




a) Village twinning with the French village – Sournia. Iain Wilkie reported on a proposal for Strachur to twin with Sournia. A special meeting of Strachur Community Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 16th May at 7 p.m. to discuss this. A Dunoon resident with family connections with the Cowal Peninsula had suggested Strachur as vibrant community that would make an interesting partner.

b) Community Bus: We are still awaiting the arrival of the community bus. It should be some time soon. Ian Asher has been in touch with the Jean Murray of the Lochgoilhead bus to get advice on how they operate theirs.

Drew Stewart has offered to be the administrator. John Wright will look after the cleaning and maintenance. Robin MacKenzie has offered the Manse Carpark as a safe place to leave the bus until the garage is erected.

c) Holiday: Mhairi MacIndoe is on holiday from May 13th-May 20th. Rebecca MacRaild will cover for her.

d) Fridge: The fridge in the kitchen is being inadvertently switched off. A notice will be put up.

e): Shed: The shed has been painted by the “Pay Back Team”. Alison will write a letter of thanks.

f): Water Butt: This will be sited next to the shed down pipe.


8) Next Meeting: July 30th at 7 p.m.