1. Attendees:

Executive: Patrick Gibb, Sheena Dowse, Douglas McHugh, Evie Campbell, Alison Roy

Group Representatives: Ian Asher, Anne Fiddes, Robin MacKenzie, Fiona Campbell, Isobel Thomson,

Rita MacKellar, Meghan Dowse, Katie Wilson, Bill Dickson

Apologies: Drew Stewart, Cathie Montgomery, Jackie Scott-Mandeville, Sheena Anderson, Susan Gaffney


2. Chair’s Welcome: Patrick welcomed everyone who had managed to come to the meeting on such a cold snowy night.


3. Minutes of previous Meetings: AGM: 26th October: Minutes approved

Quarterly Minutes: 26th October. The minutes were approved with the correction to New Items c): “The History Society want to be able to access its room at any time and is not prepared to compromise on this issue with the Youth and Drama Club”. Fiona stated that this was incorrect. The sentence is replaced with “The History Society want to be able to access its room at any time and the two groups could not come to an agreeable solution”.


4. Items Carried Forward:

a) The History Society Room: Patrick outlined what he had done and learned since the October meeting

i) Door Lock: Patrick had sought advice on replacing the inner hall door with a security door/lock Cammie MacDonald (local fire service) advised him to speak to Colin McColl (Community Fire Advisor) who said that the inner door could not be locked as this door has to act as a fire escape in both directions.

In the meantime the History Society agreed not the use the room for the following four weeks from this date (November/December) when Youth Club was running to allow for a lock to be fitted, which was very helpful.

ii) Patrick attended a safeguarding session with Douglas McHugh organised by the church in November. At this the following points were observed.

  • Safeguarding is changing. Things that were acceptable 5 years ago may no longer be acceptable.

  • There is often resistance to changes in procedures by people who are affected by them.

  • On speaking to the organiser of this talk, Patrick was informed that the situation between the Youth Club and The History Society was a Safeguarding Issue.

iii) New guidance from OSCR states that trustees of charities are responsible for safeguarding issues within their own charities. This is therefore the responsibility of the chair and other office bearers as trustees of Strachur Memorial Hall Committee.

iv) The letter offering the room to the History Society in June 2018 stated “We also need to inform you that although you will have sole access to this room, there will be times when you will not be able to use it- examples being a function in the hall, conflict with another user, elections etc. “

v) Patrick discussed these points with Susan Gaffney (chair of the history society) on more than one occasion and asked that the History Society agree not to use the room on Tuesdays between 6.30 and 7.45 pm when the Youth & Drama group were using the whole hall. Susan said she would discuss with her committee and come back with a proposal but no such proposal was forthcoming. Eventually Patrick said he could see no alternative but to put up a notice informing the History Society that the room could not be used when Youth Club was running. He subsequently put up such a notice.


Following Patrick’s explanation it was stated that it was insulting to the History Society to have this notice on its door and that what should have happened was a notice be put on the outside door to inform the general public that there was no access to the halls when Youth Club was running on Tuesdays between 6.30 and 7.45 pm. Patrick was grateful for this new suggestion and it was agreed that this should be done.


There was a suggestion that the advice from the Community Fire Advisor was wrong and that a thumb-lock could be installed on the hall front door. Patrick agreed to go back to the Community Fire Advisor for clarification.

It was noted by Robin McKenzie that Piping School are happy for the History Society to use its room when piping school is on in the summer.

Sheena Dowse commented that Youth and Drama Club are also able to have an “open door” organisation when its chaperoning policy is implemented-e.g. when a public event is organised. This arrangement is not suitable for the free play that Youth Club currently enjoys.


b) Memory Garden: There has been a suggestion that the name of this little garden be changed to The Memorial Garden and the new WW1 plaque be positioned there.

There has been a quote from Ian Ferguson -£1500- for work needing done in the garden and Evie is currently applying for funding. She hopes to include the handrail/wall that is missing beside the multicourt in the application. Seeds have been donated for the Youth Club to plant in the spring.


c) Storage: Sheena and co. have cleared the rubbish from underneath the stage and the playgroup toys are now there with the Hub equipment.

The “Dark Room” has been cleared of all Drama stuff-this has all been stored in the “Upstairs Room”.

There is still some “junk” to be disposed of-old computers etc. and some old preschool documents to be burned.

Sheena is still looking for funding for a new shed and waiting for Scooter to remove the old container etc.

Bill Dickson (Flower Show representative) asked about storage in the big shed for the Flower Show Equipment. Patrick assured him that all the Flower Show materials were still there and offered to show him where they were.

d) Multicourt: Evie is proposing obtaining foldable goalposts for the Multicourt and is waiting for advice from Joe McAlinden. The money from Tesco bags for this project is in the bank!


5) New Items


a) Policies:

i) Health and Safety: Patrick has completed the HSE-Health and Safety checklist for Village Halls. This will need to be reviewed annually. Points identified are-

A) Pedestrian routes in carpark not marked but it was agreed that this was not necessary in our small carpark

B) Drop off zone in need of repainting

C) Drop in the path to the Memory Garden- Evie to apply for funding for this.

D) Toughened glass is in place.

E) Electrical appliances PAT tested as required- Evie has a list.

F) 1 electric urn plug needs rewiring- Patrick will repair.

G) Fire Drills need to be repeated, especially for vulnerable groups.

H) Fire alarm tested weekly. Also tested externally-recent.

I) Bain Marie needs checking and labelled.

J) Middle cupboard amplifier left on-now off.

K) Bund needs repair around oil tank.

Also please note the comment about food safety being the responsibility of those hiring the hall.


ii) Safeguarding: A new policy for Strachur Memorial Hall, Multicourt and Playground was circulated. Please take note of the first paragraph on the policy-

It is the intention of the Memorial Hall Management Committee and Trustees to ensure that all children and vulnerable adults are provided with a safe and secure environment and are protected from harm”. It is important to remember that even if you are not involved with a club that involves children and vulnerable adults you still have a responsibility as the management committee for safeguarding those persons with whom you may share the hall.

An additional appendix received from The Third Sector Interface representative with regard to appointing a nominated person to look after any safeguarding concerns that may occur is to be further investigated before inclusion in the policy.

More information on the Committee’s obligations may be found in the new draft OSCR Scottish Charity Regulator Safeguarding Guidance –Keeping Vulnerable beneficiaries safe- interim Guidance May 2018 document.

The policy passed without further comment.

b) Community Minibus: The funding for the minibus is now complete thanks to the sterling efforts by Douglas Currie and Ian Asher. Thanks also to private donations.

The bus will be titled “Strachur Community Minibus” and will show the names of the major donors. There is no money for the proposed garage as yet. Drew Stewart will act as scheme administrator.

c) Strachur Website: The website has been updated and now works better with a mobile phone. Many thanks to Frieda for doing this for us.

d) WW1 Memorial Plaque: Currently with Archie Reid-place to be erected still to be determined.


6) Standing Items:

a) Bookings: The halls are well-booked.

b) Events and Fundraising: Sheena proposed that the hall hosted an annual fundraising event and suggested a summer family fun day.

Strachur Youth Drama proposed booking a date annually in order to inform all hall users well in advance about a forthcoming production and any disruption that may occur.

c) Fabric, heating and electrical: The hall heating is unsatisfactory. There may be a water leak. Patrick will call a plumber. The radiator still does not work in the History Room.

Mhairi checks the boiler pressure and adjusts it when necessary.

d) Finance: General Fund: £7149.44; Fabric Fund: £1168.94

The oil tank needs refilling monthly-£300. Electricity-£350

Douglas has applied for exemption for the water charge.

£400 is overdue.

The newsletter is operating well and Drew sends thanks to all the contributors.



Young Gardeners Club: This is a new club organised by Bill Dickson and the Flower Show Committee.

Some land has been given to this project at Balliemeanach. It was felt that there was not enough input by the children to the flower show and they could be encouraged to participate more.

Bill has been collecting names from parents at Youth Club. There seems to be quite a lot of interest in the project. The children will not be unsupervised but should always be with a parent/carer etc.

Bill has secured funding for fencing and the project will be self-funding. The children will aim to grow produce to sell at Flower Show events.

The Flower Show will be holding a coffee morning in May.


8) NEXT MEETING: Tuesday April 30th @ 7.45 p.m. in the Memorial Hall