Strachur Hall Committee

Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday 31st July 2018


1. Attendees:


Executive: Patrick Gibb (PG Chair), Evie Campbell (EC- Booking Officer), Douglas McHugh (DM-Treasurer), Sheena Dowse (SD – Events), Alison Roy (Secretary)


Group Representatives: Ian Asher, Catherine Harrison, Margaret Asher, Robin MacKenzie, David Fiddes (for Anne Fiddes), Susan Gaffney, Drew Stewart, Cathy Montgomery.


Apologies: Gerry Gibson, Jackie Scott Mandeville, Anne Fiddes, Sheena Anderson, Douglas Currie, Kate Paton, Gordon Neish


2) Chair’s Welcome: Patrick welcomed everyone to the meeting


3) Minutes of the Quarterly Hall Committee Meeting- Tuesday May 8th were accepted with one correction:

c) War Memorial: Seonaid Maybin and Fiona Campbell are researching the discrepancy of the missing names from the War Memorial


4) Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting: 19th June: The minute relating to:

9) Email from Fiona has been amended. The Executive Committee was not in full possession of all the facts relating to this section and in trying to sort out this problem and improve things for Fiona and reduce her workload, inadvertently made a serious mistake with regard to weddings. The Executive Committee has since apologised to Fiona for the misrepresentation and an email circulated to all hall users informing them of the mistake. It recognises (as it always has done) Fiona’s commitment to the hall and to those using it. We have all been very appreciative of all Fiona does- she is a great asset to us all.


The minutes now read: an email has been received from Fiona who is very upset and feels that she is ‘being taken advantage of’ and being expected to do more than is her designated role.

Discussion centred on what Fiona’s role was and what is expected of her.


It was agreed that the Hall Committee would be reminded of Fiona’s role as cleaner and that Fiona would be reminded of the same and that she should give thought before taking on other tasks.


Fiona is to be asked if she would like to increase her charge rate.


5) Items carried forward:

a) New Storage Shed: Sheena has spoken to Anne Fiddes about the possibility of sharing a shed. But they both agreed that it would not be feasible. The old container is still to be removed. Scooter is to be asked if he can help with this. The spare chairs are still for sale with no offers. (Some since sold).

b) Multicourt: Evie was congratulated on her success of renovating the Multicourt. The court was opened on 7th July by Mary Thomson. There will be a demonstration of how to take down the net on 11th August.

The Tesco ‘Bag that ball’ is still on in Oban and Lochgilphead. If you are there don’t forget to vote for our project. Funds are go towards ‘kickboards’. Concern has been expressed that the kickboards may generate a lot of noise.

c) War Memorial: Work is ongoing with the research and the History Society is still waiting for a response from the War Memorial Trust. It will be difficult to add names to the original plaque. It is not thought that there will be any further progress before the planned exhibition on 10th November 2018.

Donald Cameron has been consulted about the shelf underneath the plaque (it can be a bit of a hazard when using the stage), and has suggested that it could be hinged. Patrick is to speak to Douglas MacPherson to see if he can sort out the problem.

d) Hub request for a reduced rate: Ian withdrew the request as the Tuesday Hub has been suspended and this has eased the pressure on its finances. It was suggested that if circumstances changed the discussion could be revisited.

e) Office Change from Toy Library to History Room: This was discussed at the last Executive Committee meeting (19th June) and the History Society was offered the use of the old Registrar’s Room for £300 per anuum. This offer does not include the use of any other rooms in the hall. The offer was accepted. The History Society will have exclusive use of the room but there may be times when it will not be able to access it -e.g. if there is an event on, election, conflict with another user etc. Sheena and Alison to speak to Susan et al to discuss about access when Youth Club is on.

We also need to move everything from the office –toys and Hall Committee minutes etc.- into the old history room and bring down all the history files into their new home.


6) New Items

a) Memory Garden: We did not get any funding to renovate the Memory Garden. A subcommittee - Margaret Marshall, Kate Paton and Liz Fraser have all offered to help. Ian Asher has offered to liaise with the subcommittee.

The raised beds can be removed, slabs levelled and new gravel spread near the hall wall.

The Community Service Pay Back Scheme can be asked to help.

There is a ‘dangerous’ bit near to the hall where the wall stops. It would be a good idea to continue the wall to prevent any accidents.

The subcommittee is to keep Patrick informed of progress.


b) Green Room: It was suggested that the ‘Green Room’ if cleared, could provide a private meeting place for meetings-example Social Work and other meetings concerning sensitive issues. It has its own entrance so would not be as visible as using the Committee Room.

Social work is to be asked for feedback on the current arrangements to see if it is satisfied with the premises as provided- they currently use the Committee Room for meetings.

The Committee Room is not heavily booked so there is not an issue of lack of availability.


The newly named ‘Dark Room’ –is currently used as a bit of a ‘dumping ground’ for all groups, - drama stores a lot of costumes in there (it was given permission to do so). Sheena requested that drama be allowed to continue to keep equipment etc. there and not move it to the old History Room- it is thought that by the time all the toys and old office files etc. are moved upstairs that there will not be enough space for any other group’s storage. A notice is to be put up informing groups not to store anything in the Green or Dark rooms without permission.


c) Repair of back corridor: This is in need of renovation as is the back area of the stage – one side is inaccessible. This is not possible at the moment –we need to look for further funds.


d) Old History Room: At present it is only used for storage owing to the fire risk of using it for any other purpose-there is no fire escape. At some point in the future it would be beneficial to renovate the whole of the back of the hall but this will need to be put on hold until we have sufficient funds.



7) Standing Items


a) Bookings: Evie reported that bookings were going well.


b) Events: Sheena had nothing new to add.


c) Fabric, Heating and Electrical: There has been some minor heat damage to a cabinet in the kitchen. Only a DIY job.

Fire doors are being left open with wedges during and after meetings. All hall users are reminded that the fire doors must remain closed. Please check this when you leave the building. A notice will be put up to remind people.


d) Finance: The ‘end of year’ accounts have been prepared by Douglas and will be available for the AGM on Friday 26th October. There has been a lot of unavoidable expenditure this past year.

As well as the new boiler, the hall contributed to the renovation of the multicourt and has renewed the Entertainments Licence- full details at the AGM.

Bank balance currently: General Fund: £4735.40; Fabric Fund: £316.34.

There are some overdue accounts and some Newsletter advertising fees are outstanding.

Drew advised that some adverts have been withdrawn from the newsletter but there have been new ones added.

There has been no problem with the new 50p charge for the newsletter. There are now a limited number of copies printed. Drew thanked all those who have sent photos- the library of photos had been lost. Income from the Newsletter is £3,236.80 and outgoings £2,943.23 to date.


e) Grants: The ‘Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme’ is still current and you can still vote until August 31st.



a) Handrail: Ian advised that a handrail is needed for the pathway from Heron Park to the Hall carpark (near to the biomass boiler) to enable safe transit for the Hub members. It is thought that the ground belongs to the Argyll and Bute Council. The council will be asked first if it will fund this otherwise we need to look for funding. Health and Social Care may be able to advise. John Tyre is to be asked for an estimate.

There is also a problem at the side of the New Hall where the wall ends. This really should also be made safe.


b) Surveymonkey: There is a survey being devised by Sheena for all hall users. It will be available soon.


c) Devco. AGM 2nd August 7.30 p.m. - all welcome. A report will be given on the progress of the Community Minibus.


d) Creative Scotland: Strachur Youth and Drama Club are delighted have been awarded a grant from Creative Scotland for £8,000 towards the production of the pantomime ‘Peter Pan’s Marvellous Adventures’ to be performed at the end of September.


e) NEXT MEETING: AGM Friday 26th October @ 7.00 p.m.