Strachur Hall Committee Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Sunday 30 April 2017, 4-5.30 pm


1. Attendees

Executive: Clare Brathmere(CB - chair) Patrick Gibb(PG - secretary), Evie Campbell (EC - Bookings), Douglas McHugh (DM – Treasurer)

Group representatives: Ian Asher, Margaret Asher, Tom Peebles, Catherine Paton, Anne Fiddes, Catherine Harrison, Marlyn Peebles,

Others David Fiddes

Apologies: Gordon Neish, Sheena Dowse, Cathie Montgomery, Les Earle, Iseabel Thomson, Jackie Scott-Mandeville, Alison Roy


2. User Group Representatives

Iseabel Thomson has stepped down from the Flower Show group. Tom Peebles will be their representative for now


3. Previous Minutes: January 2017. Accepted as a true record. Proposed by Anne Fiddes, seconded by Ian Asher


4. Action Tracker – see action tracker for updates from the meeting.


Standing Items


5. Bookings

The hall remains busy with 417 bookings in the first quarter and two elections coming up.


A revised booking conditions document was agreed, including a new paragraph on set- up and clear-up time “The booking period shall include time to set up an activity or function and time to return the hall to its original state (condition 20 refers). The hirer must inform the bookings officer if additional time is required for setting up and/or clearing away. If additional time is required an appropriate fee will be charged.


6. Events – No update


7. Fabric, Heating and Electrical

The system of volunteers to undertake maintenance tasks has not been working optimally. CB has spent considerable time on plumbing in the gents toilets and has had to call in Shaws plumbers to resolve part of the problem. Requests for someone to fix the leaking downpipe at the back of the building have not been fruitful. It was agreed to discuss options for building maintenance at the next QM.


8. Finance

Finances remain stable with £10,364 in the general fund, and £1,722 in the fabric fund once the costs of the SSE generator link are taken out.

The Hall financial year ends on June 30.


9. Grants – nothing to report.


10. Administration

10.1. Fire Safety, Health & Safety

Rear door to the back-stage area. This door is locked. It cannot be designated as a fire door, but could be used as a means of escape if circumstances dictate. To that end it was agreed that a key will be hung by the back door, and that users in that area will be advised to unlock the door while they are there.

10.2. Management Documentation – as per action tracker.

10.3. Data Protection - Autumn QGM only.

10.4. Access & Security

It was agreed by those present that the new key lock box is working well. There had been some concerns about communications at the start but this is now resolved. CB indicated that she plans to change to lock number in about 3 weeks time. Communication of the details will follow.

10.5. Licenses – all up to date

10.6. Newsletter - no update

New Items

11. Memorial Hall ceiling lighting

Problem. One of the ceiling lights in the Memorial hall was struck by a ball. The diffuser came loose and then fell off. It was apparent that something of this size falling from the ceiling of the hall had the potential to cause serious injury.

Immediate corrective actions. Ball games were banned until the lights are made more robust and risk assessed. The other lights were inspected and one other damaged diffuser was removed.

Preventive actions were discussed with A Mirrlees. Strapping to diffusers was considered but would involve the cost of hiring scaffolding. More robust polycarbonate lights could be fitted, either Fluorescent of LED types. Fluorescent version would cost about £400+VAT+fitting. LED version would be about £1250+VAT+fitting. LED would have the advantage of being dimmable and not requiring future bulb replacement. It was agreed that we should get estimates for actual costs of LED lights. Action CB

12. Vice Chair - vacant position.

CB asked that we consider who might volunteer to be the Vice Chair to take on some of the work she currently performed.

13. AOCB - none

14. Dates of Future Meetings: Jul 30, Oct 29