Strachur Hall Committee Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Sunday 29 January 2017, 4-6pm


1. Attendees:

Executive: Clare Brathmere(CB - chair) Patrick Gibb(PG - secretary), Evie Campbell (EC - Bookings), Gordon Neish (GN - Events), Sheena Dowse (SD - Events)

Group representatives: Iseabel Thomson, Cathie Montgomery, Ishbel Fraser, Catherine Harrison, Alison Roy, Anne Fiddes, Jackie Scott-Mandeville, Angela Henderson, Margaret Asher, Les Earle, Ian Asher, Tom Peebles

Others: Anne Craig, Teresa Hunt-Earle, Drew Stewart (Newsletter),

Apologies were received from: Douglas McHugh, Douglas Currie, Rita McKellar

2. User Group Representatives
CB explained that, as defined in the Deed of Trust which governed the hall, each User Group could send a representative to be a member of the Management Committee. Therefore it was important to be clear who the user group representatives were. PG went over the list and clarified who the representative was for each group, as shown in the appended table. User groups are asked to update the secretary (currently PG) when their representative changes.

3. Previous Minutes
3.1. Quarterly meeting May 2016. There were no objections or corrections so these were taken as approved as previously circulated.
3.2. “Quarterly” elements of AGM November 2016 – proposed for acceptance by Anne Fiddes, seconded by Ian Asher
The “AGM” elements of that meeting, principally the election of the new executive, will be approved at the next AGM planned for October 2017.

4. Action Tracker
CB explained the function of the Action Tracker. Incomplete items were discussed as documented on the updated Action Tracker attached. Closed items are archived.

New Items

5. Rubbish Bins and Collection.
CB noted that there had been problems with fly tipping as discussed by email. The change to three-weekly collection has probably exacerbated this. CB had discussed collections with the council and had been advised that more frequent collections were not possible in Strachur. The rubbish collection charge has been reduced and a new bin provided which is now located nearer the hall to reduce fly-tipping. Users are asked to note any further problems in the communication book.

6. Kitchen Appliances
A new round hotplate has been purchased and will be fitted by A Mirrlees. No concerns were raised about other appliances.

7. Proposed “Lauder Variety Show”
EC described how Philip Norris of “Friends of Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park” had approached her and others about organising a “Harry Lauder Variety Show” on Friday May 12th, with the possibility of a second performance on the 13th. This was being done in connection with the refurbishment of paths recently carried out by the Friends at the Lauder monument at Invernoaden. It is hoped that a number of local groups will perform. Any funds raised will go to the Strachur Memorial Hall. This was supported by the meeting.