Draft, to be agreed at the meeting of 15th April 2015


Strachur District Community Council

Minutes of General Meeting

Held at 19:30 on Wednesday 18th March 2015, Strachur Memorial Hall


Members present: Archie Reid (Convener), Isabel McGladdery (Treasurer), Ceci Alderton, Kirstie Reid and Les Earle (Secretary).


Also in attendance: Cllr Alex McNaughton and three members of the public.


1. Convener’s opening remarks: None other than a welcome to open the meeting.

2. Apologies and declarations of interest: Jean Donaldson, John Fleming and Jeff Wilson sent their apologies.

3. Minutes: Minutes for the meeting held on 21st January 2015 were adopted as accurate after the correction of the balance shown in Treasurer’s report, it should read £2426.

4. Matters arising:

a. Archie had raised with the Post Office Counters the question of the temporary status of our PO’s opening hours (MSP has also been engaged). No firm answer had been forthcoming and he will persist in pressuring them for an answer. (See 7.d below.)

b. New water main Strathlachlan. Cllr McNaughton was able to announce that after years of complaint and perseverance work to replace the water main at Strathlachlan commences on 23rd March.

c. Roadside ditch on Strathlachlan Hall brae. Now that the water main is due for replacement A+B will include this job on their list.

d. Strathlachlan roadsigns. Cllr McNaughton reported that the signs are now in place. Whether they are in the right place is another question.

e. Church wall repairs seem only to have addressed the gate post but not the wall. Now a portion of the wall has collapsed. Cllr McNaughton will continue to pursue officers on this topic.


5. Health Report: Heather Grier gave an update on developments in the area health and social care.


The Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Results of the survey re the Practice had been published in the Newsletter. There were a few issues still to be addressed.

The PPG also is having an event taking place on the 19th March. Attending will be Euan MacDonald, a solicitor to talk about Power of Attorney. Becs Barker, the Manager for Carr Gomm Community Connections would be attending to give information about Self Directed Support (SDS).

Heather reported on another survey being undertaken regarding the services from Greater Glasgow and Clyde. She asked if patients present using the services had received a survey. None had been received. Heather will take this up with the Practice.


Self Directed Support (SDS): Heather felt that there was little or no information regarding SDS from the Council. Heather reported on SDS events, one attended by Ian Asher, which was not really focussed on the public and none of the events took place in rural areas.

The provision of care in communities is an issue. Several reports had recently been published regarding carers not being paid between appointments and sleepover rates not being paid at the NMW hourly rate, contrary to employment law. Heather said that this is an issue in Argyll and Bute but it appeared that it was not being addressed. Mileage for travel was also flagged. It appears that when the Council privatised the home care services, contracts were issued that allowed the new providers to ‘cherry pick’ their areas of work, for example, the provider Carr Gomm does not cover anything beyond Strachur Primary School, leaving large rural areas with limited choices.


Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP): Heather gave a report on the Conversation Cafes and feedback on the questionnaires. Cowal and Bute had given the most responses. The attendance at the Strachur cafe was disappointing, although those who did attend gave excellent input.

Heather felt that communities will be left behind if they do not engage when there are opportunities to influence planning of health and social care services. It is likely when changes then take place and there is a negative reception from the people, it will be too late to have any say at all.

The main feedback from the Argyll and Bute wide consultation indicated the following issues for the RCOP Board to consider:


The need to put the vision into action

Better joined up working and communication

Promote social inclusion

Better access to healthcare services

Better access to community care

Better availability of housing that suits people’s needs

Much better and more co-ordinated transport

Support for early intervention


Choices of housing where people could ‘downsize’ but stay in the area had been highlighted.


Integration: Events again had taken place but with little public involvement. No events took place in rural areas. 40 members of the public had responded to ‘Your Views’. This is a very poor response out of a total population of 90,000.

From the public the main concerns detailed are:

Practicalities: IT systems. Confidentiality, health and safety

Staffing: fear of job cuts, different terms and conditions of employment

General: cuts in funding, bureaucracy

Integration: more public debate and write information in plain English

Aims and Visions: action not just aims


Staff had also given feedback such as the need for joint policies, terms and conditions, joint IT systems, closer working, GPs needs to be engaged, person-centred care must be primary focus with continuity of care essential


6. Police report: PC Eddie McGunnigal was not present to give a report.


7. Secretary’s report:

a. Les reported on the proposed changes to the rubbish collection rota and outlined the process/timetable that A+B have adopted to notify residents. From April we will move over to a fortnightly general collection that will alternate with a fortnightly recycled waste collection and that blue bins would be distributed for the latter service.

b. Having written to A+B Roads on the anniversary of the original concern over the school crossing Les had a disappointing reply that no date had been fixed to move the 40mph or introduce a “driver advisory” flashing sign. These final improvements would have triggered a new traffic survey by the police. The feeling of the meeting was that Les should write to A+B Roads demanding the introduction of a 30mph limit (as supported by PC McGunnigal at the last meeting).

c. Les reported on a letter from Strachur and District Development Co Ltd outlining their proposal for the structure of the committee to review and distribute Community Benefit from the hydro scheme. They suggest two members of the DevCo, two Community Council members and three members from the community generally – the suggestion was welcomed by the meeting.

d. Les outlined his telephone call to PO Counters trying to overcome the impasse re the PO – basically, we are stuck with three days a week as any change in postmaster will lead to an unfavourable change in the status of the PO. Attempts by letter and email to get our MP (Alan Reid) involved had not even been acknowledged let alone answered.


8. Treasurer’s report: The current balance stands at £2406 and no significant expenditure is anticipated.

9. Transport update: Archie and Cllr McNaughton reported that the bus turning circle at the Rest was now operational. It was further reported that the cost of the extra buses to accommodate the change in the school timetable was £72,000.

The next meeting of the Transport Forum is scheduled for 27/3/15.


10. Community Benefit (CB) Coire Ealt. Covered in Secretary’s Report above.


11. Any other business:

a. Cllr McNaughton announced the latest stages of the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (SIFT) consultation on the proposed Firth of Clyde Regulation order. Draft proposals will be published in April 2015 and a full round of consultation will then commence with the industry and other stakeholders. The CC had already lodged its name as an interested body and will follow developments.

b. The absence of a pavement in part of the Bay area was raised (eg if you walk from the PO toward the surgery/Creggan’s you have to cross the road away from the direction of travel and then cross the A815 where visibility is limited). Cllr McNaughton said he would look into the situation.


14. Date of next meeting: 19:30, Wednesday 15th April 2015 at the Strachur Memorial Hall.


Les Earle, Secretary, Strachur District Community Council