Strachur District Community Council - Minutes of General Meeting

Held on 16th October 2013 in Strachur Memorial Hall

Members Present.

Archie Reid

Isabel McGladdery.

Ann Craig

Archie Beattie

A McCuaig


Also present 6 members of the Public

1 Welcome; The Chairman Archie Beattie opened the meeting and welcomed all present

2 Apologies, Councillor McNaughton, Kathleen Merrilees

Declaration of Interest

3 Minutes of previous meeting were read and deemed correct.

4 Matters Arising, Will be covered later.

5 Police Report, None,

6 Secretary Report; A Hydro Scheme is planned for Glenbranter Archie Beattie and Archie Reid attended a meeting with residents and Gilkes Energy and SFC. It was quite a heated meeting and the both of us thought that we were not welcomed it was pointed out that no funds could be paid out to a Residents group and that the Community Council had to be present as any funds would go through them. The fight to have the 9.05 bus on a Saturday reinstated will go on and will brought up at the next Transport Meeting on Friday 18th October. The McCoist - Keen harbour project has finally been denied by A & B Planners.

7 Treasurers Report; Isabel McGladdery informed that we have £2238.79 in the Clydesdale Bank in Dunoon.

8 A.O.B. A discussion on a planned 74mts. Turbine to be installed above the village was raised and fully discussed with some members of the public saying they would have preferred that Sir Charles McLean had came to a meeting and fully discuss his proposals. Also it would be more helpful to the wider community to have been kept informed.

The new sign for Strathlachlan is still ongoing along with the following ditches at the junction of A886 and B8000, and at the Strathlachlan Hall which are all outstanding for a very lengthy period. Japanese Knotweed at Water head Tank in Strachur and A886 verge Iain McGregor asked if the Community Council sent a letter to Scottish Water regarding the water tank and see if we get a better response. The Post Codes will be ongoing for some time. The wall around the local Church is in need of attention as some of the stones are coming loose on the brow of the hill on the main road this is also ongoing.

We were also informed that there is no starting date for the new water pipe for Strathlachlan, even though a number of leaks in the last few weeks. We are still receiving complaints regarding the lack of parking space at the local surgery; this should be sorted out when a new PPG is put in place. It was raised about the Local People finding it impossible to get a booking in the Memorial Hall this would be passed on to the Hall Committee. Concerns was raised regarding the Re-Cycling being changed to some new machine that will separate the items in your rubbish, also the fears that the normal bin collection will be moved to monthly, Archie to find out more. We were asked if the New Community Councillors would look into meeting with other C.C. in our area about getting support to Ban Trolling in Loch Fyne, Archie will look into this with the help from Iain McGregor. It has been noted that repairs that have been reported at various meetings haven’t been getting carried out Councillor McNaughton will be asked to look into this.

Health Update from Heather Grier is that there will be a meeting of the 24-7 group in Strachur Hall on the 29th October between 4-6pm Derek Leslie and Viv Hamilton and a representatives from NHS 24,we are asked to let as many people know as possible for a good turnout. The new group at the local surgery should be up and running soon, they had 22 responses from the community. The chairman at this point thanked all the community councillors for their service and attending all the meetings over the years and wished the new councillors well for the future. Iain McGregor thanked the chairman and secretary for all their work over a number of years and secretary for attending meetings out with the area.


NEXT MEETING 27th November 2013 at 7.30pm in Strathlachlan Com. Centre.