25 June 2021, 20:30

Argyll Rally in Strachur

Location: Strachur Memorial Hall

Argyll Rally 2021 will go ahead on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June. On the 25th the B8000 will be closed to vehicles (including parked vehicles) and pedestrians from the fish farm at Largiemore to just south of Inver Restaurant between 8.04 p.m. and 12.04 a.m. and on the 26th between 9.34 a.m. and 5.49 p.m. (with an "access window" for residents from 1.04 p.m. to 2.04 p.m.). The route includes the B8000 north of Inver (which is not closed), and the A886 and A815 through Strachur. When driving on the non-closed section of the B8000 and other roads, competitors are required to adhere to the speed limit and all other aspects of the Highway Code and they'll be disqualified if this is not the case.

On the 25th June the rally will stop at Strachur Memorial Hall, with cars arriving from around 8.30 to 11.30 in the evening.