Register as a minibus driver for Strachur District Community Minibus

In order to drive Strachur District Community Minibus, you must first register with the Hub as a driver


You must hold a valid driving licence which includes D1 vehicles.(See Strachur District Community Minibus and the Law).

You must have held your license for at least 2 years.

You must be 30-75 years old.

You must tell us about any penalty points on your license.

You must not have any medical conditions which affect your ability to drive. Please see for more information.

How to apply

Email with the following:

1. A photograph of both sides of your driving licence.

2. Your mobile phone number

3. Your licence check code which you can create at

Once our checks have been carried out and approved you will be added to our list of registered drivers. We will contact you when this is complete.