The Strachur Hub.

Kate Paton and the Patient Participation Group have successfully bid for funding for a health improvement scheme in the community. Out of £1.8m set aside by the Scottish Government, the Hub had secured £12,500 for the coming year which, with support from the The Bay shop (food and refreshments) and Cowal Befrienders (transport), has enabled the Hub to get started.
It is a weekly initiative in preventative and support services and was launched in the Strachur Memorial Hall on Thursday, 10th March with over 30 people attending the first session. A healthcare professional supervises a series of events including: strength and balance exercises, Tai Chi and (weather permitting) a short walk.
It is hoped that over a period of time the programme will be expanded to include: diabetic support, weight management and mental health support.

Strachur Patient Participation Group
Draft Minutes of Meeting held on 31 March 2015
At 19.30 in the Surgery

  1. Present: Heather Grier- Chair
    Dr R Coull, Principal, Ian Asher, Margaret Adams, Anne MacLachlan (Practice Manager) and Margaret Palmer-Brown

  2. Apologies: were received from, Elizabeth McGladdery, Margaret Asher, Sarah Bryant and Isobel McGladdery

Heather welcomed all.



  1. Minutes of the last meeting:

The pre- circulated minutes of the 19 Jan 2105 were read and approved.

  1. Matters arising:

  1. Refer Power of Attorney: Euan MacDonald came to the Village hall on the 19th March and gave an excellent presentation. It was suggested in our newsletter we reiterate the important of PoA.

  2. Becs Barker from Community Connections also gave a talk on thr 19th, and brought information on Self Directed Support (SDS).

  3. Bloods: Heather agreed to speak to Dr MacGregor and Dr Tittmar to confirm their current arrangements. Anne advised a patient took bloods to Dunoon to meet to 1.00pm deadline but they failed to arrive at the lab until the following afternoon.

  4. Engagement with Dunoon Grammar for Pupils: discussion with Head Teacher still outstanding.

  5. Survey outcome was published in February edition of the Strachur Newsletter.

  6. Home visits: In the Practice’s March newsletter, the criteria for Home Visits to patients has been published now based on guidance from Dr Michael Hall, Medical Director of the CHP.

  7. Update leaflets based on the above

  8. Speakers/door issue re waiting area still outstanding

  9. Blackboard with doctor rota will go ahead on a Trial basis

  10. Re Interloch further information to be sought as to how it works and the charging structure.

  11. PPG page on web- still o/s – Community Council has offered to publish our minutes. This was agreed.

  12. Simon Richardson visit – Becs Barker has covered that with her attendance on the 19th March.

  13. Heather advised she had contacted Dr Tittmar re the funding figures and referred him to George Morrison directly.

Other action points would be reported under the agenda.

  1. Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP), Integration and Self Directed Support (SDS)

RCOP: Conversation cafes had been taking place throughout Cowal between November and January 2015. A draft report has been distributed to the RCOP comms group. Heather advised some of the statistics were inaccurate and had asked for them to be corrected. Cowal had most respondents at Conversation Cafes and from sending back the questionnaires.

The RCOP engagement process would now be continuing locally. There is a proposal to have a ‘blue sky thinking’ day in Cowal where professionals and members of the public will come together to look at WHERE ARE WE, AND WHERE DO WE WANT TO BE, particularly relating to service provision in rural areas. Proposed date 7th April, venue and timing not yet agreed.

Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP): Heather feels this is in a bit of a mess, with little information filtering down the staff and the public. The date agreed for this to commence is 1 April 2015. In the March edition of the Newsletter from HSCP, information was given re the feedback to the consultation. It is very poor. Heather suggested this is more of a tick box exercise which is more typical of the local authority approach to consultation. Where we are heading with the integration will also be covered on the 7th.

Mental health as reported at the last meeting was raised and Heather advised this will be on the agenda for the 7th.

SDS: Heather advised there was an open event for SDS on the 29th January in the training Room in the Hospital. Ian had attended. He reported that only 4 members of the public had been present and two had left in a somewhat unhappy mood as questions they wanted answered were not.

SDS will also be on the agenda on the 7th. Heather felt that there needs to be much more joined up thinking involving all three strands.

  1. Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GG and C) Survey: Heather reported on this survey. Heather queried how these had been distributed as she had given out four to people who had attended the surgery and it was not offered. Anne advised she did not understand that as 64 surveys had been printed off and only 7 had not been given out.

Whilst the survey had been long 24 questions by the nature of the survey that was required to ascertain main issues.

Heather reported some people had multiple dealings with

GGC and so the survey contained that information.

After discussion it was agreed that Ian and Heather would review the responses and broaden the survey to others based on the 4/5 answers that gave most concern.

  1. Any Other Business

There was no other business.

  1. Ian’s Suggestion List

PPG Newsletter and a website – not yet updated but will have a page for the PPG.

Meantime to go on the Community Council Website.

PPG members: Still willing to assist practice staff with admin Matters


Anne/Alison McC








Ian and Heather

  1. Date, Time & Venues of the Next Meetings in the Surgery commencing 19.30

Anne to confirm for May.


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