Strachur Memorial Hall
Multi-Use Sports Court

Multi-use sports court Strachur

More than twenty years ago a multi-use sports court was constructed in Strachur and proved a great asset to the village, used on a regular basis by many of our community groups, young and old, and by visitors to the area.

However, over the years, due to wear and tear, and the harsh Argyll environment, the condition of the court and perimeter fence deteriorated. Given that this deterioration continued, the court was becoming both an eyesore and an unsafe environment.

I am delighted to say that the multi-use sports area is now reopened for business. It looks fabulous and is once again a safe, functional outdoor play and recreation amenity for members of the community, both young and old. It will not only enhance physical fitness and well-being but bring the community together.

There is no charge for using the court but it is expected that it be brushed after each use. This helps to improve drainage and keep it looking good. Email for information regarding the whereabouts of the drag brush.